For our inaugural episode, my co-host will be Bruce Brand, and our guest will be Paul Franz of Franz Games. Bruce and I will be discussing one of our favorite games, a play-by-email game by Franz Games called Star Fleet Warlord. Join us as we discuss the past, present, and future of this awesomely strategic game set in the Star Fleet Universe.

In this episode we encourage you to provide feedback, make suggestions, and recommend new features for Star Fleet Warlord. Franz Games has set up an ImproveLoop feedback page where you can do just that. Additionally, you can provide feedback to Paul directly by emailing

Our next episode will be "Star Fleet Warlord – The First 4 Turns". If you feel you have a great strategy for opening a Star Fleet Warlord game and would like to be a guest, please email us at

Finally, if you have any recommendations for our podcast, from new topics to how we can make each episode better, please provide feedback on our ImproveLoop page or email us at

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